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Following World War II and into the late 1950s, an English artist named John Edward Williams devised an international language based on pictograms. He named his new language "Pikto". He published two books: The Basis of Pikto, which listed these pictograms, and The First English-Pikto Dictionary. His influences were studies of previous constructed languages (notably Volpük, Esperanto, and Ido) and analyses of basic vocabulary in a language such as the 850 words in Charles Ogden's "Basic English". He also considered categories of words, greatly reducing the approximately 1000 categories in Roget's Thesaurus.

Like other constructed languages before it, Pikto was designed with the aim of helping to create harmony among nations through a common language. In particular, John Williams created a vocabulary of basic words that would be easy to understand for native speakers of English, French, German, and Russian. Williams dedicated The Basis of Pikto "to the masters of wisdom and to the peoples of the world".

Williams operated his own printing press to retain full artistic control over his work.

He published his Pikto books while at 8 Meadow Studios, Bushey, England, UK. In the 19th century, Sir Hubert von Herkomer built Meadow Studios for his art school. The studios became an artist colony that gradually fell into disrepair. By the 1970s the buildings had been condemned and were finally demolished. Today the location has become a retirement community named Meadowcroft.

The location and era of Pikto's creation had influence on its pictographs. In the aftermath of World War II, Pikto contains glyphs for fascism, communism, and tyrant. Originating in England, pictograms related to money or gains have the British pound sterling as a base. Yet there are also glyphs for wigwams and wombats!

Sixty years after their creation, the full story behind the choosing of these particular words and their associated pictograms might never be known. Unifont is probably the first font to contain these glyphs. If nothing else, having them in Unifont could simplify future discussion of Pikto.

There are 888 Pikto pictograms. In these, John Williams tried to capture the vocabulary essential to forming a useful international language. This makes Pikto an interesting study as a Constructed Language ("ConLang"). His introductory book contained over 2000 root words formed from the basic pictogram foundation. His later English-Pikto dictionary extended this to about 35,000 words.

Andrew Miller obtained a copy of John Williams' Pikto book, scanned the glyphs, and typed in the text in the "Pikto" column in the table below. He also discovered the intriguing history of Meadow Studios mentioned above.

Paul Hardy and Johnnie Weaver drew the Unifont Pikto glyphs based upon Andrew Miller's scanned images.

A Brief Introduction to Pikto Grammar

The chart of symbols in the next section will make more sense with an overview of Pikto grammar. Pikto uses suffixes to indicate the type of word (noun, verb, adjective). Quotes are from The Basis of Pikto.

There is more to Pikto grammar, but the above should be adequate to understand the parts of speech in the Table of Pikto Glyphs below.

Table of Pikto Glyphs

The table below starts at the first code point reserved for Pikto in Michael Everson's ConScript Unicode Registry (CSUR). The glyphs are in Unicode Plane 15, which is reserved as a Private Use Area (PUA) range. Andrew Miller made the code point assignments based on the order in which the 888 Pikto symbols were listed in John Williams' book.

Williams gave interpretations of about 1/4 of his Pikto symbols. These appear in the chart below as non-italic letters. Guesses for the remaining symbol compositions are in italics. Williams also did not give English definitions for each of his symbols. In most cases the meanings were obvious; in some (such as GRU), only educated guesses are possible based on similar Pikto words.

Code PointGlyphPiktoEnglish Symbolism (guesses in italics)
U+0F0E70bitmapABREVIAT Abbreviate Truncated line
U+0F0E71bitmapADAM Man The first man
U+0F0E72bitmapADAPT Adapt, fit (Fit) a joint
U+0F0E73bitmapADITION Addition A sum
U+0F0E74bitmapADRES Address, place (noun) Address written on envelope
U+0F0E75bitmapADJEKTIV Adjective Drawn after another symbol, transforms that symbol into adjectivial form
U+0F0E76bitmapAERO Above Aeroplane over curve of the earth
U+0F0E77bitmapAH Ah! Exclamation mark
U+0F0E78bitmapAKCEPTIN Accept Object on hook
U+0F0E79bitmapAKORD Accord Two persons shaking hands
U+0F0E7AbitmapAKORDION Accordion Accordion bellows
U+0F0E7BbitmapAKROSTIK Crossword A grid for isolating letters in a word
U+0F0E7CbitmapAKT Act (Behaviour) Sign for Person and movement combined
U+0F0E7DbitmapAKUSE Accusation A person pointing at something or someone
U+0F0E7EbitmapAKUSTIK Acoustic Musical note
U+0F0E7FbitmapALEGRO Fast Object speeding along
U+0F0E80bitmapALIGATOR Alligator An alligator
U+0F0E81bitmapALL All Everything on Earth
U+0F0E82bitmapALP Mountain Mountain top
U+0F0E83bitmapALTAR Altar An altar with a cross
U+0F0E84bitmapALTERNA Other Movement in a curve, then going off in another direction
U+0F0E85bitmapALTERNATIVAlternative Movement from one thing to another
U+0F0E86bitmapALTI High Reaching a high point; compare with ULTRA
U+0F0E87bitmapAMONIA Ammonia (K) indicates indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F0E88bitmapAMUR Love A heart with Cupid's arrow
U+0F0E89bitmapANALIN To record (To record) Quill pen and paper [verb form of "ANAL", a record]
U+0F0E8AbitmapANATOMI Body Parts of a body
U+0F0E8BbitmapAND And Latin "et" symbol
U+0F0E8CbitmapANDANTI Slow A snail
U+0F0E8DbitmapANKORIN To stay (anchoring) An anchor
U+0F0E8EbitmapANEKDOT Anecdote, story A mouth saying something
U+0F0E8FbitmapANEXIN To annex, to take (Take) a hook [with dot above to indicate verb form of word]
U+0F0E90bitmapANEX Annexation (Annexation) Hook and earth-curve
Signs for Take and Land
U+0F0E91bitmapANGLE Angle (noun) A right angle, 90°
U+0F0E92bitmapANIMAL Animal Something standing on all fours, side view
U+0F0E93bitmapANTENA Antenna A wire dipole antenna
U+0F0E94bitmapANTI Anti- A line abruptly changing to opposite direction
U+0F0E95bitmapANTIKI Old Old man with cane
U+0F0E96bitmapANTELOP Antelope An antelope
U+0F0E97bitmapAPARAT Apparatus Chemistry apparatus
U+0F0E98bitmapAPARIN To appear An eye, with a dot above to indicate verb form of word; compare with NOTICIN
U+0F0E99bitmapAPOSTROFE Apostrophe, possession Latin 's combination
U+0F0E9AbitmapAPRIKOT Apricot An apricot
U+0F0E9BbitmapAPROBAN To approve Person raising hand in agreement
U+0F0E9CbitmapARANG To arrange Person arranging objects
U+0F0E9DbitmapARENA Arena A stadium, arena
U+0F0E9EbitmapARISTOKRATAristocrat; ARISTO = Lord A top hat
U+0F0E9FbitmapARIVIN To arrive Entering an arch, doorway
U+0F0EA0bitmapARKITEKTURArchitecture A building
U+0F0EA1bitmapARKITRAV Architrave, epistyle (noun) An architrave supported by two columns
U+0F0EA2bitmapARK Arc, curve (noun) An arc, a curve
U+0F0EA3bitmapARM Arm (body part) Person holding out arm
U+0F0EA4bitmapARMI Army Man with sword: dots for Number
U+0F0EA5bitmapAROMA Aroma Nose detecting scent
U+0F0EA6bitmapART Art Stylised letter "A"
U+0F0EA7bitmapASISTIN To assist
U+0F0EA8bitmapASPIDISTRAAspidistra plant A plant with leaves coming out of the ground
U+0F0EA9bitmapASTRO Star (noun) A star
U+0F0EAAbitmapATAK To attack Person with sword
U+0F0EABbitmapATESTIN To witness (To witness) Person in dock [with dot above to indicate verb form of word]
U+0F0EACbitmapATMOSFER Atmosphere A cloud
U+0F0EADbitmapATOM Atom An atomic nucleus and orbiting electrons
U+0F0EAEbitmapAUDIENC To interview Heads and ears
U+0F0EAFbitmapAUKTION To sell Person offering something
U+0F0EB0bitmapAUTOMOBIL Automobile An automobile
U+0F0EB1bitmapAVANC Advance (of money) (noun) Person giving money
U+0F0EB2bitmapAXIS Axis Two circles with a line joining their centres (centres of rotation)
U+0F0EB3bitmapBA Bath (Bathe, wash) Person in water
U+0F0EB4bitmapBAGAJ Baggage A suitcase
U+0F0EB5bitmapBAL Ball (sports) (noun) A ball
U+0F0EB6bitmapBALANC Balance (noun) A balance scale
U+0F0EB7bitmapBALAST Weight, ballast (noun) A weight
U+0F0EB8bitmapBALOT Ballot (noun) Paper with a vote selection
U+0F0EB9bitmapBANANA Banana (noun) A banana
U+0F0EBAbitmapBAND Band (noun object) A round band
U+0F0EBBbitmapBANJO Banjo A banjo
U+0F0EBCbitmapBAR Bar (noun object) A bar (object)
U+0F0EBDbitmapBARIER Barrier An elevated barrier
U+0F0EBEbitmapBASE Base (of an object) (noun) Object with emphasis at bottom
U+0F0EBFbitmapBASI Low An object underneath something
U+0F0EC0bitmapBASIS Basis An object resting on something
U+0F0EC1bitmapBATAL Battle, conflict (Conflict) Crossed swords
U+0F0EC2bitmapBAZAR Shop, bazaar Building with pound sterling symbol
U+0F0EC3bitmapBEK Beak A bird's beak
U+0F0EC4bitmapBI To be
U+0F0EC5bitmapBILIARDS Billiards A pool cue and billiards ball
U+0F0EC6bitmapBISON Cow An animal with udder
U+0F0EC7bitmapBISMUTH Bismuth (K) indicates indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F0EC8bitmapBIT Hit (noun) A person holding a switch
U+0F0EC9bitmapBOILIN Boiling Bubbling, boiling water with dot above to indicate verb form of word
U+0F0ECAbitmapBOL Bowl, basin (noun) A bowl
U+0F0ECBbitmapBOLT Bolt (for a nut) (noun) A bolt, as on a door
U+0F0ECCbitmapBOMB Bomb (noun) A bomb falling towards the Earth
U+0F0ECDbitmapBORAX Borax (K) indicates indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F0ECEbitmapBORDER Border A border, as in a picture frame
U+0F0ECFbitmapBORE Bore (noun) An object with a hole bored in it
U+0F0ED0bitmapBORZOI Borzoi (noun) Side view of animal
U+0F0ED1bitmapBOT Boat A boat
U+0F0ED2bitmapBOXIN Boxing A person wearing boxing gloves
U+0F0ED3bitmapBRIZ Breeze A cloud with movement
U+0F0ED4bitmapBROD Bread A loaf of bread
U+0F0ED5bitmapBRUSH Brush (noun) A brush, broom
U+0F0ED6bitmapBRUTALI Brutally A prone person, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0ED7bitmapBUK Book (noun) Part drawing of a book; compare with FOLIO, PAGE
U+0F0ED8bitmapBULB Bulb (plant) (noun) A plant bulb, sprouting through the ground
U+0F0ED9bitmapBULDOG Bulldog Side view of animal
U+0F0EDAbitmapBUOI Buoy (noun) A buoy in the water; BUOIN means "to float"
U+0F0EDBbitmapBURO Office (from French bureau) (Office) Man at desk
U+0F0EDCbitmapBUSH Tree A tree with no leaves
U+0F0EDDbitmapBUST Chest Torso of a woman
U+0F0EDEbitmapBUTIL Bottle A bottle
U+0F0EDFbitmapBUT But An object making an abrupt turn
U+0F0EE0bitmapBUTON Button (noun) A button with some thread sticking out
U+0F0EE1bitmapBUZARD Buzzard Bird on animal (Bird of prey)
U+0F0EE2bitmapCEL Cell (biology) A biological cell
U+0F0EE3bitmapCENTI Hundred The number 100
U+0F0EE4bitmapCENTRA Central, centre A dot in the centre of a circle
U+0F0EE5bitmapCENTRIFUGALIWith centrifugal force An object spiraling outward (compare symbol for ROTATIN, which has more turns)
U+0F0EE6bitmapCENTRIPETALIWith centripetal force An object spiraling inward
U+0F0EE7bitmapCERAMIK Ceramic A ceramic vessel
U+0F0EE8bitmapCHANC Chance Horseshoe and ribbon
U+0F0EE9bitmapCHASIS Chassis The undercarriage of a vehicle
U+0F0EEAbitmapCHIEF Chief A man with a headress
U+0F0EEBbitmapCHIMPANZEE Chimpanzee A bipedal animal with a long tail
U+0F0EECbitmapCHIMP Chimp An animal with long tail on all fours
U+0F0EEDbitmapCHOKOLAT Chocolate Bean on tree
U+0F0EEEbitmapCHOLERA Cholera Bacteria
U+0F0EEFbitmapCIDER Cider An apple with liquid underneath
U+0F0EF0bitmapCIGAR Cigar A cigar with smoke
U+0F0EF1bitmapCILINDER Cylinder A cylindrical object with circular end; 180° rotation of TUBE symbol
U+0F0EF2bitmapCIPRES Cypress tree A cypress tree
U+0F0EF3bitmapCIRKLE Circle A circle
U+0F0EF4bitmapCITRON Citrus fruit(?) A lemon-shaped fruit
U+0F0EF5bitmapCIVILIS Civiliation(?) The Earth with dots indicating multiple number
U+0F0EF6bitmapDAKTIL Dactyl (poetic meter) A long syllable followed by two short syllables
U+0F0EF7bitmapDAMN Damn, condemn Line across mouth; stoppage of expression
U+0F0EF8bitmapDE Of Stylised letter "d"
U+0F0EF9bitmapDEC Ten The number 10
U+0F0EFAbitmapDEFEK Defect (Damage, breakage) Broken stick
U+0F0EFBbitmapDEFINITIO Definition Limiting lines
U+0F0EFCbitmapDEKLAMATIONDeclamation Signs for Mouth (speech) and weight
U+0F0EFDbitmapDEKOR Beauty A stylish object (cf. "decoration")
U+0F0EFEbitmapDELIKATI Delicate Two people holding hands loosely
U+0F0EFFbitmapDELTA River delta A river with multiple tributaries
U+0F0F00bitmapDEN Than Line going from one object to another
U+0F0F01bitmapDENT Tooth A tooth
U+0F0F02bitmapDEPOT Depot A train ("T") depot
U+0F0F03bitmapDEPOSIT Deposit Substance at bottom of container
U+0F0F04bitmapDER There Movement away from current location (contrast with symbol for HIER, "here")
U+0F0F05bitmapDESENT Descent Movement downwards; compare with VERTIK symbol
U+0F0F06bitmapDESERTIN To desert Movement away from the curve of the Earth
U+0F0F07bitmapDESERT Desert (noun) Sand dunes
U+0F0F08bitmapDIAGONAL Diagonal A framed diagonal line
U+0F0F09bitmapDIAMOND Diamond (gem) A shining cut diamond
U+0F0F0AbitmapDIET Diet (food) A mouth with solid food entering
U+0F0F0BbitmapDIGEST To digest One thing fitting in another
U+0F0F0CbitmapDISK Disk A disk or discus in motion
U+0F0F0DbitmapDISIPLIN To discipline Man with clenched fist
U+0F0F0EbitmapDISTANC Distance A road fading into the horizon
U+0F0F0FbitmapDISTILIN Distill Drop of liquid passing through material
U+0F0F10bitmapDIVAN Bed (noun) A bed with covers
U+0F0F11bitmapDIVISIO Division A division sign
U+0F0F12bitmapDOG Dog (noun) A dog, side view
U+0F0F13bitmapDOKTOR Doctor A stethoscope
U+0F0F14bitmapDORSAL Back (of body) A person with a bent back
U+0F0F15bitmapDRAGON Dragon A dragon
U+0F0F16bitmapDRAMA Drama Stage curtain or a mask
U+0F0F17bitmapDRAPEN To drape, to hang A cloth draped over two supports
U+0F0F18bitmapDRAPERIE Draperie Hung drapes
U+0F0F19bitmapDRINK Drink A mouth with liquid entering
U+0F0F1AbitmapDUZEN Dozen The number 12
U+0F0F1BbitmapEFEKT Effect A line that is perturbed in the middle
U+0F0F1CbitmapEFORT Effort A person lifting something
U+0F0F1DbitmapEKO Echo A musical note (see AKUSTIK) that appears twice
U+0F0F1EbitmapELASTIK Elastic, rubber An object being stretched
U+0F0F1FbitmapELEKTR Electric An electric spark
U+0F0F20bitmapELEFANT Elephant Side view of an elephant showing curled trunk
U+0F0F21bitmapELEGANTI Elegant A fancy shape
U+0F0F22bitmapEMBRIO Embryo, seed A fertilised egg
U+0F0F23bitmapEMOTIO Emotion The heart
U+0F0F24bitmapEMPIRIKI Empircal An object being measured, with "^" ajective prefix
U+0F0F25bitmapEMU Emu Side view of an emu
U+0F0F26bitmapENERGI Energy, power A directed force
U+0F0F27bitmapENTUSIASM Enthusiasm A heart in flight
U+0F0F28bitmapEPIGRAM Epigram A mouth with a short phrase coming out
U+0F0F29bitmapEPISKOP Bishop A bishop's mitre with cross on top
U+0F0F2AbitmapEPOLET Epaulette, shoulder A person with shoulder emphasised
U+0F0F2BbitmapESENC Essence An object with something in its centre
U+0F0F2CbitmapEST East Four compass directions, with pointer to the east
U+0F0F2DbitmapETHER Ether An object being carried in the clouds
U+0F0F2EbitmapEVOLUTIN Evolution, develop A small object becoming a large object
U+0F0F2FbitmapEUKALIPTUS Eucalyptus Sign for Bush (tree) combined with Gum
U+0F0F30bitmapEXAM Exam Sign for Question combined with Knowledge (Pris and Kultur)
U+0F0F31bitmapEXELENC Excellence (title) A head with a crown; spelled "EXCELENC" on p. 135
U+0F0F32bitmapEXIT Exit A path through a barrier
U+0F0F33bitmapEXKLUD Exclude A long, curved path around a short, straight path
U+0F0F34bitmapEXPANSIO Expansion A small object expanding to become a larger object, like a balloon
U+0F0F35bitmapEXPLOSIO Explosion Shock waves going out from a centre
U+0F0F36bitmapEXTASI Ecstasy A radiant heart
U+0F0F37bitmapEXTERN External A curved path above the Earth
U+0F0F38bitmapEXTRA Extra Two of an object
U+0F0F39bitmapEXTREME Extreme Three of an object
U+0F0F3AbitmapFACADE Façade The front of a building
U+0F0F3BbitmapFACISM Fascism A swastika
U+0F0F3CbitmapFACIST Fascist A swastika with a head on it
U+0F0F3DbitmapFAIL Fail Person falling
U+0F0F3EbitmapFAKIR Fakir A person balancing on toes
U+0F0F3FbitmapFAKTORI Manufactured (adjective) Roof and factory chimney
U+0F0F40bitmapFALS False Combination of signs for No and Korekt
U+0F0F41bitmapFAMILIARI Familiar Surroundings of person or eye
U+0F0F42bitmapFANTASIA Fantasy A ballet dancer
U+0F0F43bitmapFANTASTIKI Fantastic A person with arm over head, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0F44bitmapFAT Fat An obese person
U+0F0F45bitmapFENOMEN Phenomenon Firework
U+0F0F46bitmapFERN Fern A fern
U+0F0F47bitmapFESANT Pheasant Side view of bird with long tail
U+0F0F48bitmapFIBRE Fibre A cloth with fibres
U+0F0F49bitmapFILM Film A roll of film on two reels
U+0F0F4AbitmapFILOSOFI Philosophy (love of wisdom) A light or flame
U+0F0F4BbitmapFINAL Final (End) Railway terminal buffers
U+0F0F4CbitmapFINE Fine Object coming to a find point
U+0F0F4DbitmapFISH Fish Side view of a fish swimming
U+0F0F4EbitmapFISIOGNOMI Physiognomy, facial appearance A face with characteristic features
U+0F0F4FbitmapFIX To fix, join Nail in wall
U+0F0F50bitmapFLAM A flame Flame rising above a pointed object
U+0F0F51bitmapFLAMINGO Flamingo Side view of a flamingo, showing long legs
U+0F0F52bitmapFLORA Flora (plants) A flower growing in the ground
U+0F0F53bitmapFLOTIN Float (as on water) Object on water [with dot above to indicate verb form of word]
U+0F0F54bitmapFLOTATIO Float (as in a loan) Pound sterling with dots indicating multiple number
U+0F0F55bitmapFOKUS Focus Eye directing gaze towards an object in front
U+0F0F56bitmapFOLD To fold A folded fabric
U+0F0F57bitmapFOLI A leaf (as in foliage) A leaf
U+0F0F58bitmapFOLIO Folio (book with large pages) Combination of Gros-buk-unit. Large page [compare with BUK, PAGE]
U+0F0F59bitmapFOR For
U+0F0F5AbitmapFORCEN Force Narrowing into a corner
U+0F0F5BbitmapFORMIN To form, make (To make) Hand on tool [with dot above to indicate verb form of word]
U+0F0F5CbitmapFORM Form, mould (noun) A form, mould
U+0F0F5DbitmapFOSGENE Phosgene A smoking bomb falling out of the sky; phosgene caused 85% of chemical weapons deaths in World War I
U+0F0F5EbitmapFRASE Phrase Combination of Speech-unit (word) and Number
U+0F0F5FbitmapFRATER Brother Tall person with arm on smaller person
U+0F0F60bitmapFREGAT Ship, frigate A ship flying its ensign
U+0F0F61bitmapFRISH Freshness Egg hatching (Freshness) [FRISHI means "fresh"]
U+0F0F62bitmapFRONT Front A large object in front of a line
U+0F0F63bitmapFRUT Fruit A fruit
U+0F0F64bitmapFUL Full A full vessel
U+0F0F65bitmapFURI Fury A shocked heart
U+0F0F66bitmapFUT Foot A person with foot sticking out
U+0F0F67bitmapFUTUR The future Clock face section
U+0F0F68bitmapGAIN Gain Combination of Plus and It signs
U+0F0F69bitmapGALON Gallon Combination Liquid and measure
U+0F0F6AbitmapGARDE Guard (noun) A person holding a rifle
U+0F0F6BbitmapGAS Gas A cloud with a small particle
U+0F0F6CbitmapGELATIN Jelly, gelatin Like symbol for GUM with dots (seeds?)
U+0F0F6DbitmapGENESIS Birth (Birth) Growing seed
U+0F0F6EbitmapGESTIKULA Gesticulation A person with arms raised
U+0F0F6FbitmapGIDE Guide A person pointing the way
U+0F0F70bitmapGLAZ Smoothness, glaze (Smoothness) Reflection on surface [GLAZI means "smooth"]
U+0F0F71bitmapGLAS Glass A shiny surface
U+0F0F72bitmapGLICERIN Glicerine (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F0F73bitmapGLOBE World, globe The globe, showing equator line
U+0F0F74bitmapGOD God A head with shining halo
U+0F0F75bitmapGOLF Golf Golf club and golf ball
U+0F0F76bitmapGONG Gong, bell A bell
U+0F0F77bitmapGOTHIK Gothic A gothic arch
U+0F0F78bitmapGOVERN To govern Combination Nation and action
U+0F0F79bitmapGRAIN Grain A wheat stalk
U+0F0F7AbitmapGRAM Gram Combination Balast (weight) and Unit
U+0F0F7BbitmapGRANDIOS Grandiose, magnificent Cathedral arch
U+0F0F7CbitmapGRAS Grass Grass growing
U+0F0F7DbitmapGRATI Grateful Man taking off hat
U+0F0F7EbitmapGRAVEN Graven (Engraving) Section of cut
U+0F0F7FbitmapGRIMAC Grimace Head leaning forward with open mouth
U+0F0F80bitmapGROG Grog Signs for Vin and Vata
U+0F0F81bitmapGROS Large Large object with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0F82bitmapGROTESKI Ugly, grotesque A person with curved nose pointing upward
U+0F0F83bitmapGRU grow(?) or
frown(?) (noun)
A plant growing from seeds, or two eyes with furrowed brows(?), possibly from obsolete grue, to shudder; compare with SERIUSI symbol, which Williams described as knitted brows; PUDER means "powder", so it is possible that "GRU" means "grow" using the same substitution for "U"; in Williams' English-Pikto dictionary, GRUFUL means "grisly" or "gruesome"
U+0F0F84bitmapGRUP Group Two objects together
U+0F0F85bitmapGUD Good A cross with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0F86bitmapGUITAR Guitar Side view of a guitar
U+0F0F87bitmapGUM Gum (from a tree) A tree with gum (sap) dropping, similar to symbol for PASTE
U+0F0F88bitmapGUTA-PERCHAGutta-percha A bending rubber tree with a stylised "L" for latex(?)
U+0F0F89bitmapHAIR Hair A head with long hair flowing down
U+0F0F8AbitmapHALO Halo A head with a halo; see also symbol for GOD
U+0F0F8BbitmapHAND Hand (noun) A hand
U+0F0F8CbitmapHARMONI Harmony A musical note with a halo
U+0F0F8DbitmapHAVEN To have, possess (To have, possess) A key [with dot above to indicate verb form of word]
U+0F0F8EbitmapHELIO Mauve Colour 3, K3
U+0F0F8FbitmapHELIKOPTER Helicopter A helicopter
U+0F0F90bitmapHERING Herring Fish and mouth signs
U+0F0F91bitmapHERKULES Hercules A person lifting a barbell; compare with VIGOR symbol
U+0F0F92bitmapHI He A head with protruding line
U+0F0F93bitmapHIER Here A line with motion back and to the left (contrast with symbol for DER, "there")
U+0F0F94bitmapHIGENE Hygiene, health ANATOMI with HALO
U+0F0F95bitmapHIPNOTISM Hypnotism Mind contacting mind
U+0F0F96bitmapHISTERIK Histeric A person swooning
U+0F0F97bitmapHORN A horn A horn, as of a ram
U+0F0F98bitmapHOSPITAL Hospital A building with equilateral cross (Red Cross) symbol
U+0F0F99bitmapIDEA Idea A mind emanating a thought
U+0F0F9AbitmapIDEAL Ideal Number 1 with a halo
U+0F0F9BbitmapIDENTI Identical Stylised equal sign; IDENTIT (noun form) means "same"
U+0F0F9CbitmapILUMINA Light (as in lightbulb) A light with rays shining downward
U+0F0F9DbitmapILUSTRA Picture A picture in a frame hanging by a wire
U+0F0F9EbitmapIMUNITIE Immunity Combination No-anexin-pestilenc
U+0F0F9FbitmapIMPAKT Impact Arrow hitting wall
U+0F0FA0bitmapIMPERIALISMImperialism A head with a shining crown
U+0F0FA1bitmapIMPORTI Important (Important) Inflated person
U+0F0FA2bitmapIMPULS Impulse A heart with a fleeting motion outward
U+0F0FA3bitmapIN In Motion into a container
U+0F0FA4bitmapINDEPENDENTIIndependent "x" off to the side of SUPORTIN with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0FA5bitmapINFANT Infant Small person
U+0F0FA6bitmapINFEKT Infect Combination of Anexin- pestilenc
U+0F0FA7bitmapINSEKT Insect Side view of insect, showing 3 of 6 legs
U+0F0FA8bitmapINSPIRATIO Inspiration Idea from external source
U+0F0FA9bitmapINSTRUMENT Instrument A hammer
U+0F0FAAbitmapINTELEKT Thought, intellect (thought) Mind action
U+0F0FABbitmapINTENSI Intense Three lines, indicating many, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0FACbitmapINTER Between, among A point in between two lines
U+0F0FADbitmapINTERPRETIN To interpret A mind creating new thoughts, with dot above to indicate verb form of word
U+0F0FAEbitmapINTONATIO Intonation Signs for Speech and Vibration
U+0F0FAFbitmapIODINE Iodine (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F0FB0bitmapIRIDIUM Iridium (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F0FB1bitmapIRIS Iris (flower) Iris bulb
U+0F0FB2bitmapIRIS (EYE) Iris (eye) An eye with eyebrow above, showing iris
U+0F0FB3bitmapIRONI Ironic Left-facing mouth and electric spark
U+0F0FB4bitmapIT It A "T" for the "T" in IT
U+0F0FB5bitmapJASMIN Jasmine A flowering jasmine plant
U+0F0FB6bitmapJUWEL Jewel A sparkling cut gem
U+0F0FB7bitmapJOKI Jockey Man on horse; compare with TROT
U+0F0FB8bitmapJURI Jury Scales of justice with figure 12 [compare with JUGE, STATUT]
U+0F0FB9bitmapJUGE Judge Scales of justice with "V" on top; compare with JURI, STATUT
U+0F0FBAbitmapKAFE Coffee A cup on a saucer
U+0F0FBBbitmapKAPE Cape (clothing) A person draped in a cape
U+0F0FBCbitmapKAMERA Camera Bellows of a large-format view camera
U+0F0FBDbitmapKAMERAD Comrade Two people with arms on each others' shoulders
U+0F0FBEbitmapKAN Can Person with raised arms and dot above to indicate verb form of word
U+0F0FBFbitmapKANAL River, canal A narrow waterway
U+0F0FC0bitmapKANDELABRA Candelabra A candelabra for three candles
U+0F0FC1bitmapKANGURU Kangaroo A kangaroo standing on its hind legs
U+0F0FC2bitmapKANU Canoe A canoe
U+0F0FC3bitmapKANYON Canyon Mountain section
U+0F0FC4bitmapKAPRIC Caprice Whimsical motion
U+0F0FC5bitmapKARBON Carbon (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F0FC6bitmapKARBIN Carbine A carbine, side view
U+0F0FC7bitmapKARIN To carry Mechanical 'grab'
U+0F0FC8bitmapKARIKATUR Caricature Exaggerated person
U+0F0FC9bitmapKARMIN Carmine (deep red) Colour 1, K1
U+0F0FCAbitmapKATARH Catarrh A pair of inflamed lungs
U+0F0FCBbitmapKARP Carp Combination of signs for River and Fish
U+0F0FCCbitmapKARTON Carton A carton, open at the top (vertically flipped SALON symbol)
U+0F0FCDbitmapKAT Cat Side view of a cat facing right, with upright tail
U+0F0FCEbitmapKATASTROFE Catastrophe A person throwing arms up in the air
U+0F0FCFbitmapKATOLIK Catholic Person with arms outstretched, feet beneath (a crucifix?)
U+0F0FD0bitmapKAUS Cause A moving object bouncing off of a large object(?)
U+0F0FD1bitmapKEL Who, what, which Stylised question mark; cf. French "quelle"
U+0F0FD2bitmapKEMIKAL Chemical A test-tube
U+0F0FD3bitmapKLARI Clearly Sun shining down rays, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0FD4bitmapKLASIKI Classic Classical architecture, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0FD5bitmapKLOR Claw A bird's claw
U+0F0FD6bitmapKOBALT Cobalt blue Colour 0, K0
U+0F0FD7bitmapKOKE Coke (from coal) Smoke rising from a lump of burning coke
U+0F0FD8bitmapKOKER Cocker-spaniel Side view of cocker-spaniel dog
U+0F0FD9bitmapKOKON Cocoon A cocoon, with silk fibres sticking out
U+0F0FDAbitmapKOLEKT Collect A hook
U+0F0FDBbitmapKOLONAD Stone column A stone pillar
U+0F0FDCbitmapKOLOR Colour The symbol "K", indicating a colour
U+0F0FDDbitmapKOMAND Command A person pointing a finger
U+0F0FDEbitmapKOMBIN To combine Two halves being joined together
U+0F0FDFbitmapKOMEDI Comedy A laughing mouth
U+0F0FE0bitmapKOMERC Commerce A stylised pound sterling sign indicating movement
U+0F0FE1bitmapKOMET Comet A comet with its tail
U+0F0FE2bitmapKOMFORT Comfort A reclining person
U+0F0FE3bitmapKOMISION Commission Variation of pound sign (See PROFIT)
State committee Nation and Komiti
U+0F0FE4bitmapKOMITI Committee People at table
U+0F0FE5bitmapKOMPAKTI Compact (adjective) Two objects clamped together
U+0F0FE6bitmapKOMOD Cupboard A cupboard
U+0F0FE7bitmapKOMPAR Compare An eye examining two objects
U+0F0FE8bitmapKOMPOS Compose Quill pen and two lines of writing, similar to symbol RAPORT
U+0F0FE9bitmapKOMUNIK Message (noun) Abstract writing, a message
U+0F0FEAbitmapKOMUNIKATIO Communication Bird with a message [bird is on the right]
U+0F0FEBbitmapKOMUNISM Communism Hammer and sickle
U+0F0FECbitmapKONCESION Concession State gift
U+0F0FEDbitmapKONDITIO Condition
U+0F0FEEbitmapKONE Cone An upside-down cone
U+0F0FEFbitmapKONFESIN Confession Outflow from mouth
U+0F0FF0bitmapKONGRES Meeting (noun) A number of people
U+0F0FF1bitmapKONSERVIN To conserve An object with a hook around it
U+0F0FF2bitmapKONSTRUKT Construct A pyramid
U+0F0FF3bitmapKONTRAST Contrast Two differing figures [in today's computer age, it is tempting to call these binary zero and one!]
U+0F0FF4bitmapKONTROL Control Steering or control lever
U+0F0FF5bitmapKONVULSIO Convulsio An erratic movement
U+0F0FF6bitmapKOPI Copy Two identical objects
U+0F0FF7bitmapKORD Cord A thick, woven cord
U+0F0FF8bitmapKOREKTI Correct A check mark, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F0FF9bitmapKORK Cork A bottle cork
U+0F0FFAbitmapKOSTUM Costume A person wearing a flowing garment (robe)
U+0F0FFBbitmapKOTLET Cutlet A cut of meat
U+0F0FFCbitmapKRAB Crab (crustacean) A crab with claws outstretched
U+0F0FFDbitmapKRAK Crack A crack running down a surface
U+0F0FFEbitmapKREDIT Credit, money Pound sterling, with line indicating forward motion
U+0F0FFFbitmapKREED Creed, belief Idea attached to mind
U+0F1000bitmapKREM Cream (milk) A substance risen to the top of another substance
U+0F1001bitmapKRES Crease A crease in a fabric
U+0F1002bitmapKRESENDO Crescendo Indication of sound getting louder and louder
U+0F1003bitmapKRI Cry Mouth with wailing sound coming out
U+0F1004bitmapKRINOLIN Crinoline (petticoat) A woman wearing a crinoline
U+0F1005bitmapKRISTAL Crystal A regularly-shaped crystal (mineral)
U+0F1006bitmapKRITIK Critic Combination of signs: Art + Juge+ist
U+0F1007bitmapKROM Chrome yellow (lead chromate) Colour 2, symbol K2
U+0F1008bitmapKRON Crown A crown
U+0F1009bitmapKRUK Hook, crook (tool) (noun) A bent implement (crook)
U+0F100AbitmapKRUS Cross A stylised cross
U+0F100BbitmapKUARTO One quarter (a fourth) Numeric fraction 1/4
U+0F100CbitmapKUB Cube A cube
U+0F100DbitmapKUKU Bird
U+0F100EbitmapKUKIN To cook A saucepan
U+0F100FbitmapKULT Cult Signs for Religio + movement
U+0F1010bitmapKULTUR Culture (Knowledge) A torch
U+0F1011bitmapKUP Cup Side view of a cup with handle
U+0F1012bitmapKUPLE Couple (noun) Two objects overlapping in the centre
U+0F1013bitmapKUPOLA Cupola A cupola on top of a building
U+0F1014bitmapKUVER Cover A dish cover
U+0F1015bitmapLABIRINTI Labyrinth An irregular, criss-crossing path
U+0F1016bitmapLABOR Labor, work A sickle
U+0F1017bitmapLAGUN Lake, lagoon A lagoon with an outlet
U+0F1018bitmapLAKER Lacquer (Lacquer) Shining colour
U+0F1019bitmapLAKI Servant Slave touching ground with head
U+0F101AbitmapLA The A single stroke, indicating one of a thing
U+0F101BbitmapLAND Land Curve of earth
U+0F101CbitmapLEFT Left Line indicating movement, turning towards the left
U+0F101DbitmapLEVER Lever A lever on a fulcrum
U+0F101EbitmapLIBER Freedom (Freedom) Bird outside cage
U+0F101FbitmapLIKOR Liquor
U+0F1020bitmapLIM Limb A branch, or human leg
U+0F1021bitmapLIN Line A straight line
U+0F1022bitmapLIPS Lips A mouth with lips
U+0F1023bitmapLIST List (noun) A list of items
U+0F1024bitmapLOKAL Local Part of a larger area
U+0F1025bitmapLOKOMOTIV Locomotive A locomotive engine
U+0F1026bitmapLONG Long A long line, touching extremities
U+0F1027bitmapLUGER Lugger sailboat A low-profile boat with an ensign
U+0F1028bitmapLUNAR Lunar A crescent moon
U+0F1029bitmapLIRE Lyre A lyre
U+0F102AbitmapMACHIN Machine (noun) Wheel and connecting rod
U+0F102BbitmapMADAM Madam A woman wearing a dress
U+0F102CbitmapMAGENTA Magenta Colour 7, symbol K7
U+0F102DbitmapMAGIK Magic A question mark over a container—mystery as to what is inside
U+0F102EbitmapMAGISTRAT Magistrate Combination human sign and scales of justice (Statut)
U+0F102FbitmapMAGNETISM Magnetism, attraction A horshoe magnet attracting a rod
U+0F1030bitmapMAGNETO Magneto A crank connecting to a shaft inside magnets
U+0F1031bitmapMAJORI Major Object divided into small and large part
U+0F1032bitmapMAKARON Almond (Almond) Nut on tree
U+0F1033bitmapMAKREL Mackerel Ocean fish (Combination)
U+0F1034bitmapMAMA Mama, mother A woman wearing a dress, holding a baby
U+0F1035bitmapMAM Woman A woman wearing a dress
U+0F1036bitmapMANER Manner
U+0F1037bitmapMANGANES Manganese (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F1038bitmapMARCHIN To walk A person walking
U+0F1039bitmapMARGARIT Daisy (marguerite) A blooming daisy
U+0F103AbitmapMARK Mark (common noun) A point on an object
U+0F103BbitmapMARTIR Martyr Person in flame
U+0F103CbitmapMAS Quantity A mass of an object
U+0F103DbitmapMASAGEN To massage (To rub) Sign indicates rubbing motion
U+0F103EbitmapMASK Mask (noun) A mask covering a face
U+0F103FbitmapMASTRO Master A person under an arc or halo
U+0F1040bitmapMAT Mat A floor mat (compare ROK)
U+0F1041bitmapMATER Matter (noun) An atom
U+0F1042bitmapMATRES Matress Person lying on matress
U+0F1043bitmapMATRON Wife, matron (Wife) Woman joined to man
U+0F1044bitmapMEDICIN Medecine PESTILENC combined with GUM
U+0F1045bitmapMELANKOLI Melancholy Drooping mouth
U+0F1046bitmapMELODI Melody Stylised musical notes
U+0F1047bitmapMEMBRANE Membrane A thin covering
U+0F1048bitmapMEMORI Memory A head with an attached thought
U+0F1049bitmapMERING Meringue Fluffy egg white of meringue
U+0F104AbitmapMESHUR Measure A ruler
U+0F104BbitmapMETAL Metal Looks like a medal, not "metal"
U+0F104CbitmapMETROPOLIS City, metropolis Town with roads
U+0F104DbitmapMI I, me Small head
U+0F104EbitmapMIKROB Microbe
U+0F104FbitmapMIKROSKOP Microscope A microscope
U+0F1050bitmapMINARET Minaret A minaret
U+0F1051bitmapMINI Small A small curve of the Earth
U+0F1052bitmapMINT Mint (coinage) Pound sterling symbol with line indicating increase
U+0F1053bitmapMINTS Mints (food) A wafer-thin mint
U+0F1054bitmapMINUTE Minute (time) Part of a clock face with minute hand (long hand)
U+0F1055bitmapMISTERI Mystery Question mark over a flat object
U+0F1056bitmapMIT With, together (also Together) Two objects joined
U+0F1057bitmapMIXTUR Mixture Substances combining in a container
U+0F1058bitmapMODULATIN Change, modulation (change) Movement from one thing to another
U+0F1059bitmapMOLUSK Mollusk A shell
U+0F105AbitmapMOMENT Moment Part clock face
U+0F105BbitmapMONARK Monarch Person with large crown
U+0F105CbitmapMONIE Money Pound sterling
U+0F105DbitmapMORAL Right, justice (noun) Religio + psiko. Religious mind
U+0F105EbitmapMORG Morgue (death) Skull and crossbones
U+0F105FbitmapMOSAIK Mosaic Small pieces assembled together
U+0F1060bitmapMOSKITO Mosquito A mosquito
U+0F1061bitmapMOTIV Motive Heart with line indicating movement
U+0F1062bitmapMOTOR Engine, motor An electric motor with coils
U+0F1063bitmapMULTI Many Dots indicating a number of objects
U+0F1064bitmapMUSKAT Raisin, muscat Two grapes on stem
U+0F1065bitmapMUSIK Music Stylised note
U+0F1066bitmapMUSCLE Muscle Muscle tissue
U+0F1067bitmapMUSTANG Mustang Side profile of a horse
U+0F1068bitmapMUVIN To move A line indicating movement
U+0F1069bitmapNASAL Nasal A nose
U+0F106AbitmapNATION Nation A crown, symbol of head of state
U+0F106BbitmapNATUR Nature Emanation from star
U+0F106CbitmapNECES Necessary Person on knees with outstretched arms, pleading(?); compare with PETITION, PLEIDIN
U+0F106DbitmapNEGER Black Colour 4, symbol K4
U+0F106EbitmapNEK Neck Head with neck underneath
U+0F106FbitmapNERV Nerve (cell) A cell with electricity
U+0F1070bitmapNET Net (as in sports) A hatched net pattern
U+0F1071bitmapNI Knee Person with bent knee
U+0F1072bitmapNO No An "x" mark indicating wrong
U+0F1073bitmapNOM Name A printed heading
U+0F1074bitmapNORMAL Normal
U+0F1075bitmapNORD North Four compass directions, with pointer to the north
U+0F1076bitmapNOTE Note (as in music) A stylised musical note with the number 1
U+0F1077bitmapNOTIC Notice A posted note
U+0F1078bitmapNOTICIN To notice An eye with a dot above to indicate verb form of word; compare with APARIN
U+0F1079bitmapNU New An egg
U+0F107AbitmapNUMER Number Two dots indicating a number
U+0F107BbitmapNUT Nut (food) A nut growing on a tree
U+0F107CbitmapNUT (METAL) Nut (metal) A hexagonal metal nut
U+0F107DbitmapOBJET Object A squashed "T" resting atop a normal "T" or a pedestal; "T" is the symbol for IT
U+0F107EbitmapOBJEKTIV Objective Paths converging on an object
U+0F107FbitmapOCEAN Ocean Waves above straight horizon
U+0F1080bitmapOFFER Offer Person offering something
U+0F1081bitmapOFICIAL Official A crown resting on a support
U+0F1082bitmapOIL Oil A gusher
U+0F1083bitmapOKASIO Event, occasion A tent to host an event(?)
U+0F1084bitmapOKTAV Octave A stylised musical note and a line spanning a range
U+0F1085bitmapOMNIBUS Omnibus (vehicle)
U+0F1086bitmapON On (preposition) An object on top of a support
U+0F1087bitmapOPIUM Opium An opium poppy with a secretion
U+0F1088bitmapOPOSITI Opposite Two objects that are the mirror image of each other
U+0F1089bitmapOPTIMISM Optimism, hope Flowering heart
U+0F108AbitmapOPTIK Optic An eye with eyebrow on top
U+0F108BbitmapORANGE (COLOUR)Orange (colour) Colour 8, symbol K8
U+0F108CbitmapORANGE Orange (fruit) Symbol for ORANGE (COLOUR) on top of symbol for FRUT
U+0F108DbitmapOR Or Selection of a small object or a large object
U+0F108EbitmapORGAN Organ (anatomy) A human organ
U+0F108FbitmapORIGIN Origin Beginning of plant growth
U+0F1090bitmapORNAMENT Ornament
U+0F1091bitmapOSILATOR Oscillator An armature on a spring(?)
U+0F1092bitmapOT Out, from Movement out of
U+0F1093bitmapOVAL Oval An oval object with dot in centre
U+0F1094bitmapOVI Egg Bird on egg
U+0F1095bitmapOXIDE Oxide (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F1096bitmapPAGODA Pagoda Pagoda roof
U+0F1097bitmapPAGE Page Buk unit [compare with BUK, FOLIO]
U+0F1098bitmapPAKET Packet A box wrapped in string
U+0F1099bitmapPALAT Palate (Taste) Object on tongue
U+0F109AbitmapPALET Pallet An artist's pallet
U+0F109BbitmapPALM Palm (tree) A palm tree with fronds
U+0F109CbitmapPANDA Bear Side view of a bear
U+0F109DbitmapPANIK Panick Person recoiling from object
U+0F109EbitmapPAPA Papa, father Man holding a child
U+0F109FbitmapPAPER Paper A roll of paper, as for a printing press
U+0F10A0bitmapPARADE Display, exhibit, parade (noun) (Shew, show, exhibit) Person shewing an object [PARADEN means "to display, to exhibit"]
U+0F10A1bitmapPARADOX Paradox Speech in opposite directions
U+0F10A2bitmapPARALEL Parallel Two parallel lines
U+0F10A3bitmapPARASOL Parasol A parasol
U+0F10A4bitmapPARASIT Parasite A parasite on top of symbol for ANIMAL
U+0F10A5bitmapPARDON Pardon (expression) Person bowing
U+0F10A6bitmapPARLAMENT Parliament Parliament house (Palace of Westminster)
U+0F10A7bitmapPASTE Paste (noun) Similar to symbol for GUM
U+0F10A8bitmapPASTIL Pastille, lozenge A lozenge
U+0F10A9bitmapPEDAL Pedal (noun) A foot pedal
U+0F10AAbitmapPEIN Pain A person with an electric shock
U+0F10ABbitmapPER Per, by, through Movement through a path to a destination
U+0F10ACbitmapPESTILENC Pestilence Electric shock striking an object; similar to symbol for TOXIK
U+0F10ADbitmapPESTER To pester Lines tugging at heart from beneath
U+0F10AEbitmapPETITION To petition Person kneeling with arms held out in pleading gesture(?); compare with NECES, PLEIDIN
U+0F10AFbitmapPETROL Petrol, gas A petrol pump
U+0F10B0bitmapPIK Top, peak Top of mountain
U+0F10B1bitmapPILER Pillar A pillar, column
U+0F10B2bitmapPILON Pilon Electricity pylon
U+0F10B3bitmapPIN Pin (noun) A pin
U+0F10B4bitmapPIP Pip (of fruit), seed, pit (noun) A fruit with a pit in the middle
U+0F10B5bitmapPINCEN To pinch A pair of pinchers
U+0F10B6bitmapPIRAMID Pyramid A pyramid
U+0F10B7bitmapPISTIL Pistil (of a flower) A pistil of a flower
U+0F10B8bitmapPISTOL Pistol Side view of a pistol
U+0F10B9bitmapPLAC Place (noun) A simple building structure
U+0F10BAbitmapPLAN To plan A plan, as for a garden
U+0F10BBbitmapPLANK Plank A plank of wood
U+0F10BCbitmapPLANT Plant (noun) A sprouting seedling
U+0F10BDbitmapPLASIR Pleasure A heart with a small circle underneath
U+0F10BEbitmapPLASTIKI Plastic An object bent in the middle to form a shape
U+0F10BFbitmapPLATFORM Platform A platform raised from a flat surface
U+0F10C0bitmapPLATI Flat (adjective) An opbject with a smooth, flat top
U+0F10C1bitmapPLATINUM Platinum (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F10C2bitmapPLEIDIN To plead A person down on knees with outstretched arms, with dot above to indicate verb form; compare with NECES, PETITION
U+0F10C3bitmapPLUMA Feather (noun) A feather
U+0F10C4bitmapPLUM Plum (fruit) A plum
U+0F10C5bitmapPLUME Crest Feather, as worn in the crest of a headress(?)
U+0F10C6bitmapPLUS More, plus Addition sign
U+0F10C7bitmapPLU Plough (noun) A hand-drawn plough
U+0F10C8bitmapPOESI Poetic Signs for Speech and Rythm combined
U+0F10C9bitmapPOKET Pocket A pocket
U+0F10CAbitmapPOL Global The Earth, with equator shown and axis of North Pole protruding on top
U+0F10CBbitmapPOLARI Polar The Earth, with curve around Arctic Circle, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F10CCbitmapPOLIC Police Signs for Take and Person combined
U+0F10CDbitmapPOLICI Insurance (cf. policy) A folded line representing a multi-page document
U+0F10CEbitmapPORE Pore An opening through a surface through which drops of liquid can leave
U+0F10CFbitmapPORT Harbour, port Town and coastline
U+0F10D0bitmapPORTIKO Portico A portico
U+0F10D1bitmapPORTAL Door An entryway
U+0F10D2bitmapPOS After POS is similar to prefix "post"
U+0F10D3bitmapPOSIBLI Possibly Signs for Natue [Natur] and Adjectiv: Natur-i [compare with TRUE; like TRUE but with bar on top]
U+0F10D4bitmapPOSE Pose (noun) A person striking a pose
U+0F10D5bitmapPOSITIO Position (noun) A general area with a line pointing towards a location
U+0F10D6bitmapPOSITIV Photograph (positive image) (noun)
U+0F10D7bitmapPOSITIVI Certain Symbol for POSITIV, with symbol for a mind or human head, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F10D8bitmapPOSTIN To mail, to post Movement of a dot (some object) in a forward direction, with dot above to indicate verb form of word
U+0F10D9bitmapPOTASH Potash (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F10DAbitmapPREIS Praise (noun) Egyptian sign for worship [the Egyptian hieroglyph is depicted as a man with arms raised in front; see Unicode code point U+13000 (squatting figure) and especially U+13022 (dw3, tr, tw3 (A30) in Gardiner's list) (standing figure)]
U+0F10DBbitmapPRESIN To give Similar to symbol PREIS with dot above to indicate verb form of word
U+0F10DCbitmapPRESS Printing press Cylinder printing machine
U+0F10DDbitmapPRIA To ask, to pray Symbol of a mouth with a question mark
U+0F10DEbitmapPRIMITIVI Primitive Altered figure of a person
U+0F10DFbitmapPRIMULA Primula flower (cf. primrose) Joined petal flower Signs for Kuple and Flora
U+0F10E0bitmapPRINCIPLE Principle Two things with one source
U+0F10E1bitmapPRIO Past, before (cf. prior) Lines indicating motion backwards
U+0F10E2bitmapPRIS Price Pound sterling with object going forward
U+0F10E3bitmapPRIZ Prize Side view of trophy cup
U+0F10E4bitmapPROBLEM Problem Top of question mark resting on solid base
U+0F10E5bitmapPROFIT Profit (noun) Signs for Adition and Monie combined
U+0F10E6bitmapPROJEKT Project (noun)
U+0F10E7bitmapPROPAGANDA Propaganda A trumpet
U+0F10E8bitmapPROTEKT Protect A shield
U+0F10E9bitmapPROMES Promise (noun) A ring
U+0F10EAbitmapPROPEL Wing[s] Symbol of wings flying to the left, leaving a path behind
U+0F10EBbitmapPROPORTIO Proportion Comparison of two lines, one long and one short
U+0F10ECbitmapPROTIN Protein Symbol for DIET with single vertical stroke after food symbol (circle)
U+0F10EDbitmapPROVISION To provision Signs for Bread and To [with dot above to indicate verb form of word]
U+0F10EEbitmapPROXIMI Near (cf. proximity) A curved line almost touching a straight line
U+0F10EFbitmapPRUV Proof, sample Signs for Person and Truth: grasp of truth
U+0F10F0bitmapPSIKO Mind (cf. psyche) Symbol for a head or mind with curved line on top
U+0F10F1bitmapPUDER Powder (noun) Sprinkles of powder
U+0F10F2bitmapPUDEL Poodle Side view of a poodle
U+0F10F3bitmapPUDING Pudding View of pudding sitting on a plate
U+0F10F4bitmapPUMP Pump (noun) Side view of a water well pump
U+0F10F5bitmapRADIAL Radiation Particles radiating out of a point
U+0F10F6bitmapRADIO Radio (noun) Vibration emanating from set
U+0F10F7bitmapRADIUS Radius Circle with line segment showing radius length
U+0F10F8bitmapRAKET Racket (tennis racket) A racket with strings; compare with TENIS
U+0F10F9bitmapRAMP Slope, ramp (noun) An incline
U+0F10FAbitmapRAPIER Sword, rapier A rapier (sword)
U+0F10FBbitmapRAPORT Statement, account (cf. report) A quill pen on a writing surface, similar to symbol KOMPOS
U+0F10FCbitmapRAT Rat Side view of a rat, facing to the right with curved tail
U+0F10FDbitmapRAZOR Blade, razor (Blade) A dagger
U+0F10FEbitmapREAKTIO Reaction Combination of signs for Repetitio and Akt
U+0F10FFbitmapREAL Truth, reality A shining beacon(?)
U+0F1100bitmapREFERI Referee One person in the middle of a sports arena(?)
U+0F1101bitmapREKUIR Desire Upside-down heart
U+0F1102bitmapREGULAR Regular Three objects, all the same height
U+0F1103bitmapRELIEF Raised An object with a raised surface, something in relief
U+0F1104bitmapRELIGIO Religion Symbols for a cross and act(?)
U+0F1105bitmapREPETITIO Repetition A line, repeated once
U+0F1106bitmapREPETI Again Symbol for REPETITIO with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F1107bitmapREPLI Reply (noun) Two mouths in conversation
U+0F1108bitmapREPTIL Reptile A slithering snake
U+0F1109bitmapREPUT Repute (noun) A person with two arches over head
U+0F110AbitmapREPRESENTIN To represent A small line as a representation of a large line; mirror image of SIMILARI symbol
U+0F110BbitmapRESERV Reserve (military) A person in a staging area, arena
U+0F110CbitmapRESPEKT Respect (noun) A person tilting head downward (compare REVERENC)
U+0F110DbitmapRESPONS Response Symbol of a small mouth answering to a large mouth
U+0F110EbitmapREST Remainder (as in "the rest") A large object next to a tiny (remainder) object
U+0F110FbitmapRESULT Result Symbol for one, a line moving to the right, symbol for shell
U+0F1110bitmapREVERENC Reverence (noun) Person bowing [compare RESPEKT]
U+0F1111bitmapRISK Risk (noun) Road danger sign
U+0F1112bitmapRITM Rhythm Three notes with beat note in the middle
U+0F1113bitmapRIVAL Rival (noun) Two persons reaching for same end
U+0F1114bitmapROK Rock (noun) A rock (compare MAT)
U+0F1115bitmapRODODENDRON Rhododendron A rhododendron bush with one flower
U+0F1116bitmapROSARI Rosary Rosary beads
U+0F1117bitmapROSE Rose (noun) A rose (by any other name)
U+0F1118bitmapROSTIN To roast, to bake Open and fire [with dot above to indicate verb form of word]
U+0F1119bitmapROTATIN To rotate A rotating object (compare symbol for CENTRIFUGALI, which has fewer turns)
U+0F111AbitmapROUTE Route (noun) A road going off toward the horizon
U+0F111BbitmapRUM Rum Symbols for cup and GUM (as in treacle/molasses)
U+0F111CbitmapSAK Sack, bag (noun) A paper sack
U+0F111DbitmapSALINE Saline, with salt (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F111EbitmapSALON Salon A room with open door (vertically flipped KARTON symbol)
U+0F111FbitmapSALUT Salute (noun) A person giving a salute
U+0F1120bitmapSANDAL Sandal Side view of a sandal
U+0F1121bitmapSANKTION Allow, sanction (verb) (Allow, permit) A ticket
U+0F1122bitmapSARKASM Sarcasm A mouth giving a twisty utterance
U+0F1123bitmapSATISFAKTIO Satisfaction A contained heart (contentment)
U+0F1124bitmapSAUCE Sauce Combination Palat and Likor
U+0F1125bitmapSEKRET Secret Covered thing (T sign for It or Ting)
U+0F1126bitmapSEKTIO Section (noun) A section marked out from a larger object
U+0F1127bitmapSELEKTIO Selection Movement from one point to two different directions, or a wishbone(?)
U+0F1128bitmapSELEKTIN To select Inifinitive form of SELECTIO noun, with dot above to indicate verb form of word
U+0F1129bitmapSENOR Mister, man(?) A man standing on a solid line
U+0F112AbitmapSENSIN Feel A stimulus going towards an object or human head
U+0F112BbitmapSEPIA Sepia Colour 9, symbol K9
U+0F112CbitmapSERIES Series A series of three lines
U+0F112DbitmapSERIUSI Serious Knitted brows
U+0F112EbitmapSERPENT Serpent (musical instrument) Stylised serpent wind instrument, with curves
U+0F112FbitmapSEX Sex A fertilised egg
U+0F1130bitmapSFERE Sphere (form and figurative) A circle with curves on top and bottom to indicate three-dimensionality
U+0F1131bitmapSFINX Sphinx Head of Sphinx
U+0F1132bitmapSHAL Shell A mollusk shell, open at left end
U+0F1133bitmapSHALOT Shalot Two onions
U+0F1134bitmapSHI She, her A woman wearing a dress
U+0F1135bitmapSHILK Silk Two silk threads
U+0F1136bitmapSHLEM Slam (card game, also known as "spit" or "speed")
U+0F1137bitmapSHOK Shock (noun) Impact on person
U+0F1138bitmapSHRAPNEL Shrapnel Fragments of an original object
U+0F1139bitmapSHU Shoe A shoe
U+0F113AbitmapSIESTA Rest, siesta (noun) Person resting
U+0F113BbitmapSIFON Siphon A siphon hose
U+0F113CbitmapSIGNAL Signal (noun) A signal flag; see also SIGNIFIN
U+0F113DbitmapSIGNIFIN Signal (verb), to give an opinion(?) Symbol for SIGNAL with a dot on top to indicate verb form of word
U+0F113EbitmapSILUET Silhouette Side view of a head
U+0F113FbitmapSIMBOL Symbol A hanging sign
U+0F1140bitmapSIMILARI Similar Two lines (one long, one short) similar to each otheri; mirror image of REPRESENTIN symbol
U+0F1141bitmapSIMPATI Sympathetic A string tied to a heart
U+0F1142bitmapSINONIM Synonym Equal speech Identi + Speech signs
U+0F1143bitmapSISTEM System Four lines systematically arranged around an inner circle
U+0F1144bitmapSITUATIO Site Indicates position in land
U+0F1145bitmapSKALP Head, scalp A human head
U+0F1146bitmapSKARAB Scarab beetle Side view of a scarab beetle
U+0F1147bitmapSKEL Bone (cf. skeleton)
U+0F1148bitmapSKORPION Scorpion Side view of a scorpion
U+0F1149bitmapSKRIBEN To write A quill pen with flowing writing
U+0F114AbitmapSKULPTUR Sculpture Signs for Rok and Art
U+0F114BbitmapSNO Snow Three snowflakes
U+0F114CbitmapSOCIALI Socialist Group of persons [with "^" adjective symbol]
U+0F114DbitmapSOCIALISM Socialism Group of persons carrying a flag or banner
U+0F114EbitmapSODA Soda (chemistry) (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F114FbitmapSOFT Soft Musical sign for Pianissimo [this is a single italic "p", which just means "piano" (soft); two italic "p"s would mean pianissimo]
U+0F1150bitmapSOL Sun The Sun, rising or setting on the horizon
U+0F1151bitmapSOLIDI Solid Something resting on a firm foundation
U+0F1152bitmapSOLO Alone, solo Symbol for group of persons, but with "1" inside
U+0F1153bitmapSONATA Sonata Stylised musical notes
U+0F1154bitmapSORT Kind, sort Three lines of two kinds, alternating short, long, short
U+0F1155bitmapSPAREN To spare A hook not grabbing a dot (object), sparing it(?)
U+0F1156bitmapSPECH Speech A mouth with sound coming out
U+0F1157bitmapSPIKE Spike (noun) A sharp spike, as on the top of a fence
U+0F1158bitmapSPINAT Spinach (Spinach) Plant with triangular leaf
U+0F1159bitmapSPINE Spine Side view of a person's backbone, from head to vestigial tailbone
U+0F115AbitmapSPIRIT Soul, spirit Signs for Atmosfer and Person
U+0F115BbitmapSPLIT Split (noun) Two objects, going in different directions from a common origin
U+0F115CbitmapSPONJ Sponge A sponge
U+0F115DbitmapSPORT Sport An Indian club [or "meel"]
U+0F115EbitmapSPRINGIN To spring Upward movement of person with dot on top to indicate verb form of word
U+0F115FbitmapSTADIUM Stadium A stadium, with entrance on upper right
U+0F1160bitmapSTAKATO Staccato A stylised musical note with a short stroke above, indicating brief duration
U+0F1161bitmapSTAL Steel (noun) Symbol for SUPORTIN on a flat surface; compare with SUPORTIN
U+0F1162bitmapSTATUT Law, statute (Law) Scales of Justice with a single line above [compare with JURI, JUGE]
U+0F1163bitmapSTERLING Sterling Pound sterling sign with "S"
U+0F1164bitmapSTRIKNIN Strychnin (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F1165bitmapSTUDENT Student Person with open book
U+0F1166bitmapSTUKO Stucco Signs for Rok and Kuver
U+0F1167bitmapSTUL Chair, stool (Chair) A chair
U+0F1168bitmapSTUPIDI Stupid Signs for No, Psiko and adjektiv
U+0F1169bitmapSULFUR Sulphur (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F116AbitmapSUM Sum (noun) Symbol for a group or collection with "+" sign inside
U+0F116BbitmapSUPERI Superior An object elevated high above the ground, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F116CbitmapSUPOSIN If, suppose Stylised question mark with dot on top to indicate verb form of word
U+0F116DbitmapSUPORTIN To support Beam supporting building [compare with STAL]
U+0F116EbitmapSURPRIS Surprise (noun) Two exclamation marks
U+0F116FbitmapSWEL To swell An object with a swollen middle
U+0F1170bitmapSWINE Swine Side view of a pig facing to the right
U+0F1171bitmapTABAKO Tobacco A cigarette with smoke
U+0F1172bitmapTABLE Table Side view of a table with four legs
U+0F1173bitmapTALENT Talent A head with beaming rays
U+0F1174bitmapTANIN Tannin (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F1175bitmapTALK Talc (mineral)
U+0F1176bitmapTANK Tank (military) Side view of a tank
U+0F1177bitmapTANDEM Tandem Stylised tandem bicycle
U+0F1178bitmapTANTALIN To tantalise A heart held down by two strings, with dot above to indicate verb form of word
U+0F1179bitmapTANTE Aunt Stylised woman (with small child to the right?)
U+0F117AbitmapTAT That Line moving towards termination on the right (forward); mirror image of symbol for TIS
U+0F117BbitmapTE Tea Side view of a teacup on a saucer, with steam rising above
U+0F117CbitmapTELEFON Telephone Earphones
U+0F117DbitmapTEM Time (noun) (Time) Clock face
U+0F117EbitmapTEMPERATUR Temperature Heat radiation
U+0F117FbitmapTEMPLE Church, temple Building with cross on top
U+0F1180bitmapTEMPO Speed, tempo Stylised arrow pointing to the right (forward), indicating swiftness
U+0F1181bitmapTENIS Tennis A tennis racket with no strings; compare with RAKET
U+0F1182bitmapTERA KOTA Terra cotta (colour) Colour 10, symbol K10
U+0F1183bitmapTERIER Terrier Side view of a terrier
U+0F1184bitmapTIGER Tiger Side view of a tiger
U+0F1185bitmapTIKI Thick An object with two sides far apart, with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F1186bitmapTIN Tin (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F1187bitmapTIPE Type (printing) A stylised "t"
U+0F1188bitmapTIRANI Tyrant Person wielding a club
U+0F1189bitmapTIS This Line moving towards termination on the left (backward); mirror image of symbol for TAT
U+0F118AbitmapTOMAHAUK Tomahawk Side view of a tomahawk
U+0F118BbitmapTOMATE Tomato Plant with two tomatoes
U+0F118CbitmapTON Tonne, ton Signs for Weight (Balast) and Measure
U+0F118DbitmapTORSO Torso Head and torso of a person
U+0F118EbitmapTOURIN To tour Signs for Transport and To
U+0F118FbitmapTOXIK Toxic Similar to symbol for PESTILENC
U+0F1190bitmapTRANSENDENT Transcendent Above all. Line above sign for All
U+0F1191bitmapTRANSPORT Transport (noun) Wheel and base of vehicle
U+0F1192bitmapTRAVERS Traverse (Across) A bridge
U+0F1193bitmapTRIL Whistle, trill (whistle) Mouth music
U+0F1194bitmapTRIO Trio Three dots symbolizing a trio
U+0F1195bitmapTRIUMF Triumph Person standing on a pedestal(?)
U+0F1196bitmapTROPIK Tropic The Earth, with lines at Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
U+0F1197bitmapTROT Trot (on horseback) Side view of person riding horse in a trot, front leg off the ground(?); compare with JOKI
U+0F1198bitmapTRUE True Peak with "^" adjective symbol; compare with POSIBLI
U+0F1199bitmapTRUFEL Truffel A mushroom
U+0F119AbitmapTRUMPET Trumpet Side view of a trumpet
U+0F119BbitmapTSETSE Tsetse fly Fly following a crooked path
U+0F119CbitmapTU To Line indicating motion to the right (forward)
U+0F119DbitmapTUBE Tube Tube with opening showing in one end; 180° rotation of CILINDER symbol
U+0F119EbitmapTUBER Root, tuber Plant with roots underground
U+0F119FbitmapTUCH Touch (noun) A finger touching an object
U+0F11A0bitmapTUG Tug (noun) (Pull) Man pulling
U+0F11A1bitmapTUIST Twist A twisted pair of strings or rope
U+0F11A2bitmapTULIP Tulip Side view of a tulip
U+0F11A3bitmapTUNIK Jacket A jacket, unbuttoned/unzipped
U+0F11A4bitmapTURN To turn Line indicating movement around a corner, to the right
U+0F11A5bitmapULTRA Most Object held up high; compare with ALTI
U+0F11A6bitmapUMBER Umber (colour) Colour 5, symbol K5
U+0F11A7bitmapUMOR Humour Nose and mouth of face
U+0F11A8bitmapUN One A short, single vertical line
U+0F11A9bitmapUNDER Under Position under land
U+0F11AAbitmapUNION Union A joining of two halves
U+0F11ABbitmapUR Or Line indicating movement over an arc between two ends
U+0F11ACbitmapURANIUM Uranium (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F11ADbitmapVAKUM Vacuum (noun) (Space) Lines enclosing space
U+0F11AEbitmapVALU Value (noun) Pound sterling with two horizontal strokes
U+0F11AFbitmapVANILA Vanilla Vanilla beans growing on a plant
U+0F11B0bitmapVARI Different Different lines
U+0F11B1bitmapVASE Vessel, vase Side view of a vase
U+0F11B2bitmapVATA Water Ripples in water
U+0F11B3bitmapVELOCIPED Scooter A scooter
U+0F11B4bitmapVENDETA Quarrel, vendetta Persons crossed
U+0F11B5bitmapVERANDA Veranda Building with a veranda on side
U+0F11B6bitmapVERDIKT Verdict Sign for Statut with mouth. Pronouncement of the Law
U+0F11B7bitmapVERMOUTH Vermouth VIN plus a "V" for vermouth
U+0F11B8bitmapVERTIK Ascent(?); similar to flipped DESENT Arrow pointing upward; adjective form VERTIKI means "upright"; compare with DESENT symbol
U+0F11B9bitmapVIA Through Line moving to the right through two other lines
U+0F11BAbitmapVIBRAN To vibrate Line vibrating back and forth
U+0F11BBbitmapVIGOR Vigor Person lifting pole over head; compare with HERKULES symbol
U+0F11BCbitmapVILLA Villa Person inside a building
U+0F11BDbitmapVIN Wine Side view of a wine glass
U+0F11BEbitmapVIOLIN Violin Top view of a violin
U+0F11BFbitmapVISION Vision Signs for Psiko and side view of eye. 'The mind's eye'
U+0F11C0bitmapVISIT Visit (noun) Line indicating movement into a building
U+0F11C1bitmapVISKOSITI Viscosity Signs for Likor and Konditio combined
U+0F11C2bitmapVITAMIN Vitamin Signs for Brod and Atom (1 dot) combined
U+0F11C3bitmapVIVA Life A loop connected to a heart
U+0F11C4bitmapVOKAL Vocal Mouth with sound or a stylised musical note emanating
U+0F11C5bitmapVOL Will, purpose Pointed mind
U+0F11C6bitmapVOLKANO Volcano An erupting volcano
U+0F11C7bitmapVULGA Vulgar Tongue protruding from mouth
U+0F11C8bitmapVU You Arrow head pointing to a person
U+0F11C9bitmapWAGON Wagon Vehicle and wheel
U+0F11CAbitmapWAL Wall
U+0F11CBbitmapWAT Watt (electricity) Signs for electricity and the number "1"
U+0F11CCbitmapWAX Wax (noun) Melting wax
U+0F11CDbitmapWIGWAM Wigwam A wigwam
U+0F11CEbitmapWOMBAT Wombat Head with ears
U+0F11CFbitmapYAM Yam Roots of plant
U+0F11D0bitmapYAR Year 52, representing the 52 weeks in a year
U+0F11D1bitmapYEA Yes, yea A stylised "Y"
U+0F11D2bitmapYOGI Yogi Person sitting in yogic pose
U+0F11D3bitmapYUNG Young A child sitting on the floor, or small person with "^" adjective symbol
U+0F11D4bitmapZEMENT Cement Signs for Rok and Gum
U+0F11D5bitmapZIGZAG Zig-zag A zig-zagging line
U+0F11D6bitmapZINK Zinc (K) indicates use international chemical symbol
U+0F11D7bitmapZINIA Zinnia A zinnia plant with flower
U+0F11D8bitmapZODIAK Zodiac A circle representing 12 signs of the zodiac
U+0F11D9bitmapZOOFIT Graze(?) Plant and animal signs joined [animal eating plants—"animal feeding"?]
U+0F11DAbitmapINDIGO Indigo Colour 6, symbol K6
U+0F11DBbitmapTURKUIS Turquoise (colour) Colour 11, symbol K11
U+0F11DCbitmapKARD Playing card A playing card with two dots, perhaps the 2 of Diamonds
U+0F11DDbitmapKARDINAL Cardinal (ecclesiastical) Person wearing a short robe
U+0F11DEbitmapKARBURETOR Carburetor Side view of a carburetor
U+0F11DFbitmapEXPONENT Exponent, supporter Person speaking
U+0F11E0bitmapTAPER Taper (noun) Object coming to a tapered point
U+0F11E1bitmapCEREMONI Ceremony A bowl with smoke rising (incense from a censer?)
U+0F11E2bitmapFLANEL Flannel Symbol for ART and symbol for HAIR
U+0F11E3bitmapKRUSIFIX Crucifix Symbol for KRUS (cross) with halo
U+0F11E4bitmapTAM-TAM Tam-tam A tam-tam
U+0F11E5bitmapTIL Till, until(?) Either movement towards a "T" representing "IT", or pulling a farmer's till (less likely)
U+0F11E6bitmapATENDIN To attend
U+0F11E7bitmapFLUX Flux A wavy line, in flux
U+0F11E8(not used)
U+0F11E9(not used)
U+0F11EA(not used)
U+0F11EB(not used)
U+0F11EC(not used)
U+0F11ED(not used)
U+0F11EE(not used)
U+0F11EF(not used)

Chemical and Metallic Elements: "Those marked (K) in the list take the letters and numbers in current international usage."

There are recurring themes in many symbols. Williams gives this guidance for similar signs:

Signs Relating ToAre Based On
TEM (time) A clock face
ADITION Plus sign (+)
DIVISIO Arithmetical division sign
SPECH Side view of mouth
EMOTIO and VIVA (life)Heart
MONIE Pound sign
AKUSTIK (sound) Note of music
NUMER Horizontal dots
ANIMALS Horizontal body and legs
ARKITEKTUR House outline
PSIKO (mind) Small circle

Some signs contain Roman letters indicating the following:

Pikto WordLetter
BI (be) b
KOLOR (colour) K
DE (of) d
Plural Sign s
Possession z
TIPE (alphabetic)t
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